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Tan France Reveals He’s Relying on Gigi Hadid for Baby Advice!


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247 News Around The World

Tan France has a famous friend at his side to prepare him for fatherhood: Gigi Hadid!

The 38-year-old Queer Eye star opened up to E! News about anticipating his first child via surrogate with husband Rob later this year.

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“Even though it sounds ridiculous to say, when the baby comes, my go-tos will be the likes of Gigi,” he said.

“We’re all going through the baby process at the same time, so we’ve all been in touch about it. So, anyone who is literally going through that process right now is invaluable to me.”

He also revealed Gigi was the first one to send him a baby care package upon learning they were expecting.

“She sent me many things that she thinks I would love. After she had her baby, she learned that these things are essential. So, things like that are really valuable to be. It’s not necessarily I need or want fancy things; I just like practical things to make my life a little bit easier and to make life a little bit more comfortable.”

“The thing that my family keeps saying [is] ignore [that] everybody is going to have an opinion. You’re never going to please everybody. And basically, my family keeps reminding me, ‘Just tune out the noise. This is your baby. Yes, that might work for somebody else, but ignore what they’re saying,’” he added.

“Honestly, I just want to hold him as much as possible. I am obsessed with babies…I just want that moment when we leave the hospital, we’re leaving the hospital and I look back, and I see my baby in the car as we’re driving. That, for me, is the moment I know my life will feel like it completely changed.”

Tan France also revealed something surprising about the baby’s name!

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