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Southern Charm’s Cameran Eubanks’ Sweetest Moments With Daughter Palmer


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The perfect pair! Cameran Eubanks has been adorably documenting her daughter Palmer’s life since welcoming the little one in November 2017.

The Southern Charm alum called motherhood “one of life’s greatest experiences” while celebrating her baby girl’s 1st birthday the following year.

The former reality star, however, didn’t initially connect with her infant. “It makes you feel so guilty because you love that little child, but you’re just like, ‘Who are you? I don’t really know you. Am I supposed to feel like I know you?’” the One Day You’ll Thank Me author exclusively told to Us Weekly in February 2021.

“Around eight weeks, she started to smile at me, and I started to get some sleep,” the Real World: San Diego alum explained. “I think the no sleep thing really F’s with you. I mean, it messes up your brain chemistry. I think there’s a reason Navy Seals do sleep deprivation as a form of training. When she started sleeping through the night, everything changed.”

The South Carolina native did experience “some pretty severe baby blues and postpartum anxiety” at the time, which she blamed on “hormones” and called “totally normal.”

Eubanks said, “You have to be able to separate yourself and on a logic level, know this is normal. This happens to most women. The ones that it happens to that don’t talk about it, they just don’t talk about it because they don’t want to be stigmatized or seem weak. But I think it’s actually more common to feel that way than to not feel [that way.]”

Three months into raising her daughter, the former Bravo personality decided that she was “done” breast-feeding because it was “making [her] depressed.”

Eubanks told Us, “I started thinking to myself, having a happy mentally sane mother is ultimately more important than her getting breast milk. I never even drank breast milk and I’m totally fine. … Formula is probably just as good.”

She and husband Jason Wimberly don’t see themselves having more kids, and Palmer tells her mom that she wants to be “the only baby” in the family. “Praise Jesus,” Eubanks gushed.

Keep scrolling to see the real estate agent’s cutest pictures with Palmer over the years, from boat rides to snowy selfies.

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