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Rich House Poor House leaves some viewers baffled claiming ‘rich house ain’t all that’


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Rich House, Poor House is a Channel 5 programme which follows two families with very different incomes and lifestyles. However, some viewers were left confused by the programme this week.

This Sunday’s programme saw Northamptonshire-based Lloyd Lydia Giradi swapping lives with Birmingham-based Mike and Natalie Rigby.

The Giradi’s have made their money as property developers, with a lot of help from Mrs Giradi’s parents.

Meanwhile, the Rigby’s are surviving on the income of just Mr Rigby, as Mrs Rigby can not work due to having epilepsy.

Furthermore, the mum-of-two has had life-changing surgery put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The father of the family, Mr Rigby, explained he is in temporary admin work but is looking for a more permanent role.

According to Mr Rigby, he spends around five hours a day on the hunt for work.

His current position has left him “lacking confidence”.

The Rigby’s said they hoped the lifestyle swap would allow them the opportunity to experience “what hard work will get you.”

When it comes to the richer family, the Giradi’s said they were looking to show “money isn’t everything.”

Many viewers have taken to Twitter to share their take on the lifestyle swap.

It seems there was some confusion about the rich family.

One social media user commented: “Rich house poor house – that ‘rich’ house ain’t all that!”

A second added: “It looks like my house and I ain’t rich!”

Others said the rich family needed to “spend less” on certain items.

One viewer stated: “Rich house poor house, these houses don’t look that different. Rich bloke needs to spend less money on cars and more on his house.”

Another added: “#richhousepoorhouse is weird, poor house looks nice and the rich house doesn’t like much different to mine, and I’m not rich! Bizarre.

“‘Poor’ family just have the debt level a huge amount of this country have to manage.”

Others suggested the rich family had a “common” lifestyle.

“Rich house poor house is such a joke, the rich family live in a common home and the poor family have a nice house with a nice car,” concluded a viewer.

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