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Property: London crowned worst city for noisy neighbours – how to make a noise complaint


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London has taken the top spot for the city with the most noise complaints with 515 complaints per 10,000 households on average. Confused.com obtained data using Freedom of Information requests which looked at how many noise complaints were made to councils in the top 100 populated cities in the UK. In the last 12 months, councils in some of the most populated areas in the UK received a whopping 268,125 complaints.

Parties accounted for 43 percent of complaints across the UK while barking dogs was the reason for 24 percent.

How do Britons complain about their neighbours?

More than half of complainants went directly to their neighbour to resolve the issue while 49 percent got in touch with their local council.

A third even went as far as reporting their neighbour to the police.

However, many feel too overwhelmed to complain about their neighbours.

Nearly two thirds of Britons have never complained about their neighbours with over a quarter admitting that they would never complain, the research found.

Thirty-four percent wouldn’t complain out of fear of creating tension and 26 percent were confused by the process.

How should you deal with neighbour disputes?

Confused.com advises Britons to talk to their neighbour either in person or in writing as a first port of call.

Most the time, neighbours aren’t actually aware of how loud they are being.

Antisocial noise is any regular or persistent noise between the times of 11pm and 7am.

It’s worth noting that music played at an excessive volume is antisocial at any time of the day.

If you don’t want to speak to them in person or contact them directly, you could use a mediator service.

If this isn’t possible or you have tried all informal resolutions, then you should contact your local council.

Confused.com advises keeping a noise diary so you can prove how excessive and regular the noise is.

Antisocial neighbours can affect the value of houses nearby as the properties will become less desirable.

When selling a property, you should declare any problems you have with neighbours.

Jessica Willock, home insurance expert at Confused.com, said: “It’s no fun living in a noisy neighbourhood, and it seems some areas across the UK are a lot worse for noise pollution than others.

“And living with noisy neighbours can be really difficult to handle without creating tension.

“More often than not, a friendly conversation goes a long way.

“But when that fails, where to turn to next can be confusing.

“We’ve created a guide to understanding basic neighbour etiquette, including how best to handle noisy situations.

“While calling the police might seem like the best route to take, you should in fact be getting in touch with your local council.”

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