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Prince Charles shows signs of ‘pressure’ when asked about Harry’s interview live on camera


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Prince Charles’ royal engagements yesterday were the first instances he was seen in public since his son spoke about him on Sunday night. During Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah, which aired in the US on Sunday and in the UK on Monday, Harry said that he felt “let down” by his father.

“But the cameras don’t catch his response as someone’s back blocks the view,” Judi added.

It is not clear if Charles chose not to respond to the question or could not respond due to being ushered out of the church.

For their second engagement of the day, Charles and Camilla visited Skipton House, where they spoke to staff of NHS England and the Ministry of Defence about the vaccine rollout.

Judi gave her analysis on the prince’s body language, saying: “Charles’s body language suggests he is keen to project a mood of perky good-humour here with signals of enthusiastic smiling visible despite the face mask.”

In a video of the visit, Charles is seen speaking to staff at Skipton House, nodding and often putting his hands in his pockets.

Judi mentioned the prince’s “anxiety rituals” in the clip, but noted that he “always does them”.

The body language expert added: “A constant feature of Charles’s body language is his signature cuff-fiddling and pocket-patting, so it would be wrong to attribute them purely to the current post-Oprah fall-out.

“However, there is one here that appears to be more emphatic than usual, hinting at the extra pressure.”

Judi continued: “His small gesture of rubbing the button of his jacket would be part of his usual barrier gesture repertoire, but the way he pushes his left hand deep into his jacket pocket at least twice in this short clip forms a gesture that is normally associated with a subliminal desire to hide or reveal feelings of being under pressure.”

However, Judi also commented again on Charles’ apparent “good humour”, referring to the start of his visit at Skipton House.

She said: “Charles begins by mirroring his host’s hand-wring greeting gesture to suggest rapport. His movements are bouncy, and he even clicks his heels and gesticulates to suggest a keenness to be shown around.

“His raised brows, eye-crinkling and the raised and rounded upper cheeks all show he is smiling behind his face mask,” Judi added.

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