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Mother’s Day present ideas: What to buy your mum based on her star sign


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Knowing what to buy your mother for Mother’s Day can be tricky, and most people end up buying a bunch of flowers and calling it a day. Astrology can help you to understand what sort of person your mum is and figure out what her ideal present is. Mother’s Day is only a few days away, but it’s not too late to sort a stellar present. Express.co.uk chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to find out the perfect Mother’s Day gift for each star sign.


This zodiac mama isn’t afraid to be bold, so splash out on a vibrant lipstick for this family Zoom quizzes!

If she’s more the activity type, then treat her to a chic new waterproof and join her for a long ramble or a countryside bike ride.

Flames for a fire sign never fails, so a gorgeous candle that also smells divine will light her up!


It’s likely your Taurean mum is house (and garden) proud. She probably has a love of soft, cosy furnishings and a little luxury!

A squishy velvet cushion, cashmere blanket or plump fluffy pillow will take pride of place in the living room.

Failing that, a bottle of perfume or some incense will appeal to this scent-loving sign.

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One of the best gifts for a Gemini mum? Dedicating time to a long chat where you’re not trying to rush off and do other things!

This puzzle-loving parent will enjoy a new sudoku or trivia book to keep her mind active.

Alternatively, getting her some attractive teacups or glassware will be a glorious gift she can use when we’re once more allowed to have friends round for a natter!


Cancerian mums are often on the sentimental side, so any kind of nostalgic keepsake or framed family photo will make them thrilled.

Cancer signs are known for their penchant for cooking, hosting and generally keeping their loved ones well-fed, so a shiny new pan or a pretty glazed serving dish will take pride of place in the kitchen.


Known for their appreciation of pretty decor and attractive interiors, you can’t go wrong with framed artwork or a beautiful piece of pottery for your Libra mum.

Double points if you’d created it yourself! She’ll also be a bit of a social butterfly, so a spangly clutch bag for when she’s once more hitting the town with the gals will be a glorious gift.


See if the new hard-back edition of your Scorpio mum’s favourite detective novel series is in the shops, then snap that up for her.

Then, make her tea while she sinks into a fictional world of mystery!

Failing that, a bottle of limited edition gin will not only look great on the home bar-cart, but will be much appreciated at 5pm!


This travel-loving Sagittarius mum will have missed her holidays, so a glossy coffee table book of stunning travel photography will appease her wanderlust.

She’ll also be bowled over if you make a photo album of the times you’ve been away together – especially if you accompany it with a promise you’ll head off again when holidays are allowed!


Plants and rocks are the way to keep this Capricorn mama smiling!

A bouquet of flowers, a jazzy new fern or a piece of sparkly jewellery with a pretty gemstone is the way to go.

If she’s a yoga-loving Earth mother, then a new mat or piece of yoga gear will have her thinking of you every time she does a sun salute.


The socially-conscious Aquarius mum will love anything with an ethical-factor: a chocolate bar that gives money back to local communities, or a woven shawl or bag that gives a percentage of profit to charity will be a fabulous gift.

These mums tend to have a love of feathered friends, so if she’s yet to install a bird feeder or water fountain in the garden then surprise her with an ornithological addition!


A Piscean mum loves to relax in a bubble bath so receiving some heavenly-scented bath bombs or even a luxurious bathrobe and slippers will be a treat for her.

A book of poetry or a special playlist of all their favourite tunes are also winners, as is the promise of tickets to the ballet or theatre when they open up again!

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