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Janhvi Kapoor Interview: Indian Actor Opens Up Her Films, Love For Kathak


Actor Janhvi Kapoor, elder daughter of late actor Sridevi, is set to be seen in her first horror comedy film, Roohi that releases across theaters on March 11. Directed by newcomer Hardik Mehta, Roohi also stars Rajkummar Rao and Varun Sharma in lead roles.

In an interview, Janhvi says she learnt a lot on sets of the film. “I learnt a lot on the film because of the content. Firstly, Roohi is my first comedy. To watch such good comic actors like Varun Sharma and Rajkummar Rao, was such a fun experience and even (director) Hardik has a quirky sense of humor. Dinesh sir (producer Dinesh Vijan) has a unique vision, so to be part of that world has been a lot of fun.” Roohi is her fifth movie.

One of the interesting songs from her upcoming film had fans compare Janhvi with her mom, late actor Sridevi. Janhvi dons two looks in the song Panghat, and one of these resembles Sridevi’s looks from her famous film, Chaalbaaz. Asked whether she saw the similarities, Janhvi says, “I never saw those similarities. Now that you bring up Chaalbaaz, I have never been able to watch it.”

She adds, “They torture her (Anju, one of the two characters Sridevi plays in the film) so much that I have never been able to watch it. I have tried a couple of times, but never watched it completely because I feel very bad for her every time I watch the film.”

Janhvi will soon be seen in Karan Johar’s Dostana 2. “The tone of the film is very fun, my character is quite progressive. She is very chilled out and fun. (Another good thing about the film is that) I get to wear cool and pretty clothes. So, I am very excited about that.”


On her popular Instagram page, Janhvi often mesmerizes fans with glimpses of her dance practice. Talking about her love for classical dance, she says, “I have always been very fond of dance. I remember during the shoot of Dhadak (her debut film opposite Ishaan Khatter), I did Kathak for a couple of months, after Dhadak I did it for few months. I have been in and out of Kathak classes very sporadically, mainly because of my schedule but I have always found it most therapeutic. The energy of being in a classroom when you are doing something as an artist, to be practicing, it always appeals to me.”

She adds, “In general, I am a fan of dance. It helps you in acting as well, with the timing and rhythm that you work upon, it helps you in acting, It makes you more expressive and teaches you how to use and control your body. I think dance helps me a lot in my work as well. I also believe that a strong foundation in classical dance helps you in all forms of dance. All forms of classical dance focus on “abhinay” (acting) and it helps inevitably, to have control over your face and expressions. I am yet to get to that level but the expressions we learn in classical dance helps in acting as well. I have had the pleasure of learning from Neelima Azeem. I think one of the most gifted dancer this country has ever seen.” Karan Johar’s ambitious period drama, Takht, is likely to use Janhvi’s dancing skills.

Having made her debut with Karan Johar-backed Dhadak, Janhvi has since appeared in films like Ghost Stories and Gunjan Saxena The Kargil girl. Both the films have been backed by Johar’s Dharma Prductions. After Roohi, she has Dostana 2, another Dharma Productions venture and Good Luck Jerry in the pipeline. She is often criticized for not being able to prove her worth despite being given many opportunities, thanks to her lineage in the film industry.

Instead of dwelling on what people are saying about her work, Janhvi believes in being thankful for the opportunities she gets. “It is hard to look at my own journey objectively. There are always people telling me all of the things that I am doing right or all the things I should be doing instead of doing what I am doing. At some point, I have to cancel out the noise. I am happy where I am, I am happy I am doing my work, in films that I believe in, I think this in itself is a blessing. I feel things like films are destined to happen and I am happy with the films I have been able to do so far. I hope I get to work for films that help me grow and are challenging for me.”

Janhvi ‘s father Boney Kapoor is a renowned Bollywood film producer who has also backed films in many other languages. Asked if she’d switch to directing or producing films anytime soon, Janhvi says, “I want to focus on acting right now. But if anything, at any stage, I might get into production, than direction. That is what I have seen closer home. I have watched dad (Boney) produce films.”

Janhvi also reveals her “go-to” people when she feels down. “When I am feeling down, usually, I just speak to my father and he makes me feel better. Or my sisters (Khushi Kapoor, and half sister Anshula Kapoor) or my Muggy maasi, my cousin from my mom’s side. And, of course, there are my friends.”

“I totally believe in what my recent film Gunjan Saxena The Kargil Girl says. If, as an individual, you are sincere and hard working and are really good person, that is the biggest form of patriotism,” she signs off.

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Janhvi Kapoor Interview: Indian Actor Opens Up Her Films, Love For Kathak


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