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Garden: Top tips for making your outdoor space more functional – even in the rain


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With the weather remaining unpredictable in the UK, many Britons are wondering what they can do to make their garden look attractive yet functional. Research has shown that being outside improves the mood and reduces stress levels. Homeowners looking to make the most of their outside space – whether it’s a garden, courtyard or balcony – can follow a plethora of steps from SMART Balustrades to make their garden attractive yet useable in all weather conditions.

Having both green space and a patio is a modern upgrade that is not only practical but stylish too.

Homeowners with balconies or limited space can try adding pot plants or baskets to the area to add a splash of colour and nature.


Often, outdoor space may not be useable for all family members, especially if you have little ones.

SMART Balustrades recommends making sure the space is secure by adding handrails to steps and level changes and enclosing decking with secure balustrades.

Once lockdown rules are eased and Britons can mix with other people at home, having a suitable seating area for friends and family will be an added bonus.

Choosing furniture that isn’t fixed will also allow you to move it around create different spaces.

David Hough from home improvement specialists, SMART Balustrades, said: “Since the start of the pandemic and for the majority of people, gardens and balconies have become the only accessible outdoor space, so ensuring it maximises its potential is key.

“Simple, contemporary modifications can enable homeowners to create a space they love and that they want to spend time in, and are always a good investment in terms of maintaining or increasing the value of their property. Plus, showing it off always feels good once we can entertain again.

“We’ve outlined our tips on how to make outside space work best – even in an unpredictable Britain.”

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