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Electric cars have ‘little or no towing capacity’ for caravans and motorhomes


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The experts warn most electric cars “have little or no towing capacity” at all which could scupper some summer plans. With foreign holidays off the cards, staycation looks set to boom in popularity once again in 2021.

However, owners of the UK’s newest cars may find they are completely stuck.

Although it’s not all bad news with Which? adding some models such as the Tesla Model X is compatible with towing and can be used for summer trips.

They said: “Most electric cars you can buy new or used have little or no towing capacity, although there are early signs that this is changing.

“Of the 54 EVs we’ve tested to date (54 different motors across 39 different models), just eight had any sort of towing capacity.

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They said: “If your car doesn’t have an official towing capacity, you must not attempt to tow with it.

“You must also not exceed the towing capacity if your car has one.

“If you do, it could be seen as using a vehicle in a dangerous condition, which can result in you being fined up to £2,500, having three penalty points added to your licence – or possibly being banned from driving altogether.”

According to Driving Electric, the main reason why electric models are not able to tow caravans is because they don’t have type approval.

They said during the manufacturing process, firms need to decide whether or not to approve the cars for towing and this is not the case in most circumstances.

Driving Electric said: There are some good reasons for this. The first is to do with the weight of an electric car.

“They already weigh more than equivalent petrol or diesel-powered models because of their heavy batteries.

“Added weight from the caravan or trailer would affect things like the brakes – they wouldn’t be as effective and might struggle to cope with the even heavier load.”

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