Home BUSINESS AEW Revolution 2021 Results: Christian Cage Debuts As Mystery Signee

AEW Revolution 2021 Results: Christian Cage Debuts As Mystery Signee


Christian Cage debuted with AEW just over a month after making his in-ring return at the WWE 2021 Royal Rumble. Cage, received a raucous ovation during a segment with Justin Roberts, and officially signed with AEW during the in-ring segment.

Following a countdown, the AEW signee, whose new tagline is to “outwork everyone,” turned out to be Christian Cage.

AEW’s newest signee Paul Wight, formerly known as The Big Show, only got to enjoy that mantle for a couple short weeks as his first AEW appearance was used to tease the arrival of a “Hall of Fame-worthy talent that is a huge surprise and a huge asset to AEW. But, listen, it’s not who you think.”

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The extremely cryptic tease led to widespread speculation as to whom this individual could be, with everybody from Kurt Angle to CM Punk gaining traction as possible surprises. AEW recently filed a trademark for “Captain Insano,” an alter ego for Paul Wight, which led to some speculation that this could even be—quite literally—a giant troll job from the company. Of course, such a move would be uncharacteristic of AEW at this point in its young history.

AEW has drawn several comparisons to ‘90s-era WCW during theMonday Night Wars. Both companies aired on TNT; both companies featured Paul Wight’s Dark Elevation broadcast partner Tony Schiavone in the booth; both companies were backed by billionaires who spent aggressively on former big-name WWE Superstars in free agency and, to be sure, former WCW President Eric Bischoff even made yet another appearance on AEW Dynamite this past week.


Thus far, with AEW Dynamite impressing in the 18-49 demographic on a weekly basis, AEW’s comparisons to WCW have been limited to the positive aspects of the now-defunct former national promotion. Of course, WCW’s downfall was due, in part, to an over reliance on names from the past at the expense of future stars.

AEW seems to have learned from WCW’s mistakes, with many older names being paired with up-and-comers in order to give them the proverbial rub. Sting has been paired with 28-year-old TNT champion Darby Allin, while names like Taz and Tully Blanchard have been used in mentorship roles for stars like Ricky Starks, Brian Cage, Powerhouse Hobbs and, in Blanchard’s case, FTR.

Still inexplicably out of the WWE Hall of Fame, Christian Cage will have to wait much longer as he looks to reignite his career in AEW.

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AEW Revolution 2021 Results: Christian Cage Debuts As Mystery Signee


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